If people race it, we can cover it.

Motorsports Insurance Programs for oval, drag, go-kart, motocross and road courses and boating.

Motorsports insurance that laps the field.

Perhaps the most popular — and most dangerous — spectator sports in America are motorsports in all forms. We have unmatched experience in Motorsports Insurance Programs for oval, drag, go-kart, motocross and road courses. We can cover boat races, trailer races, demolition derbies and more. We can cover facilities, sanctioning bodies, club events and race teams.

Facilities: For owners or operators of permanent venues or locations, for racing events or activities under their control, management or direction.

Sanctioning Bodies: For entities that promote and provide racing rules, guidelines and requirements for events they manage or sanction. 

Events: For motorsports events or activities that take place at venues or facilities that are leased or rented by the insured.

We also offer coverage for Terrorism, Threat of Malicious Acts and Active Assailants. 

General Liability

We offer Comprehensive General Liability Coverage for up to $5M for each occurrence, with $5M aggregate coverage available.
Short-term or annual policy coverage options are available for:

• Spectator Liability
• Personal Injury Liability
• Abuse and Molestation Liability
• Liquor Liability

Automobile, for Owned / Hired and Non-Owned 

Umbrella/ Excess Liability, with High Excess Limits available for both short term and annual events

Event Cancellation/Weather, with options available based upon Gross Revenue and Budgeted  
  Expense; Weather insurance for Snow, Rain and Wind

Inland Marine, with blanket options provided for both Rented and Owned equipment; worldwide
  coverage is available 

Participant Accident Insurance, with high limits for Accidental Death/Dismemberment and Medical
  Expense available.

Workers Compensation, with coverage in all States, including Voluntary Compensation for
  qualified risks


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