It’s all fun and games — until someone gets hurt.

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If you promote or organize sports at any level, from a local youth league to big time professional competition, you need the protection of Take1 Insurance. We can help you meet the risk management needs of any sport, organization or event. We offer coverage for:

• Participant Liability for competitors
• Property and Equipment, in case of damage or loss
• General Liability for spectators
• Employers Liability for hirers or organizers
• Weather
• Prize Indemnification
• Event Cancellation

• Terrorism, Threat of Malicious Acts and Active Assailants (beyond active shooter)

We can cover live events and amateur or professional sporting organizations and associations.

Youth and Amateur Sports

Don’t just think about the obvious risks of contact sports like football, hockey and lacrosse.
Every team and individual sport comes with risks, from the time the athletes start warming up
until they leave the facility. Remember, young people don’t always think before they act and they can’t be supervised 100% of the time. Don’t let ordinary childish behavior put your business or organization at risk.

Special Events

We have coverage for one-off events from local fun-runs to major marathons; from seemingly “genteel” sports to extreme sports, summer and winter, in mud, sand, snow and surf. Extreme weather, fire, theft and distracted spectators all pose a threat, whether the facilities are private or public.

Professional Team and Individual Sports Leagues
and Tournaments

The bigger and stronger the athletes, the greater the chance of injury. And remember, at any level, wherever there are flying projectiles, players and spectators are at risk. A baseball can leave a bat in excess of 100 mph; a golf ball can fly in excess of 200 mph.








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