You planned for sunny skies and a smooth-flowing event.

Corporate special events coverage, violent weather and floods.

Event planning is all about conceiving the ideal and making it happen. Special event insurance is your life preserver, just in case.

Unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world and what actually happens can threaten the success of your event —and your enterprise.

That’s why corporate, not-for-profit and public sector event planning should start with Take1 Insurance. We offer event liability insurance for events beyond your control —
violent weather and floods, transportation delays of critical equipment, faulty equipment, fire ravaging the event site and event participants causing their
own kind of damage. We’ve thought about your concessionaires, your talent, and everyone’s safety and security, and we can offer solutions for all of it:

Because of today’s harsh realities, we now offer coverage for Terrorism, Threat of Malicious Acts and Active Assailants.

Before you plan for everything to go right, talk to Take1 about covering yourself against things that can go wrong. 

Take1 or take your chances.

Key benefits:

General Liability
• Comprehensive General Liability Coverage – limits to $5M each occurrence / $5M aggregate available
• Spectator Liability
• Personal Injury Liability
• Abuse and Molestation coverage available
• Liquor Liability coverage available
• Sort term or annual policy options provided

• Owned / Hired and Non-Owned

Umbrella/ Excess Liability
• High Excess Limits available for both short term and annual events

Event Cancellation/Weather
• Cancellation options available based upon Gross Revenue and Budgeted Expense
• Weather insurance for Snow, Rain and Wind available.

Inland Marine
• Blanket options provided for both Rented and Owned equipment
• Worldwide coverage available

Participant Accident Insurance
• High limits for Accidental Death / Dismemberment and Medical Expense available
• Broad appetite for special events including sports

Workers Compensation
• Ability to offer coverage in all States
• Include Voluntary Compensation for qualified risks


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