Venue insurance: bringing the house down is the last thing we want.

Live Entertainment coverage.

For venue owners and operators in the live entertainment and live events industry,
the critical exposure is spectator liability.

Take1, leaders in entertainment insurance and venue insurance take a "four-walls" approach to coverage, whether your venue is a closed stadium or an open-air location. Beyond the physical location, we expand our coverage to include security, parking, and concessions, especially liquor.

For security coverage, we start by defining your exposures:

• What kind of security do you have, owned or rented, armed or un-armed?
• Do you have perimeter security and internal security?
• If you use an outside security firm, what kind of coverage do they provide?

Your venue should not be dependent on the security company's coverage, so we offer venue insurance with an extra line of defense: extra funding if the security company is negligent.

Concession concerns are largely alcohol-related. We know that the staff should be properly trained, having completed TIPS
(Training for Intervention ProcedureS) or equivalent training.

For all of your vendors, we determine who has responsibility for what — and when that responsibility begins and ends. We look at all vendor contracts and decide if you are asking for proper insurance from them. Venues should not try to pass off total responsibility to the vendors; smart venues should have a comprehensive venue insurance strategy.

For instance, at a trade show, we incorporate a TULIP (Tenants' and Users' Liability Insurance Policy) solution, to make sure everyone inside the four walls has their own separate insurance. For attendee trips and falls, we'll add Medical Payment Insurance (Med Pay) coverage beyond General Liability.

For these and so many other reasons, when it comes to venue insurance, Take1 looks closer, digs deeper, and works from greater resources of knowledge and experience to offer the coverage you need. So Take1 or take your chances.


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