Terrorists and Active Assailants create chaos. Our breakthrough coverage restores order.

Insurance that covers Malicious Acts, Active Assailants and Terrorism.

The live entertainment, special event and sports insurance program the times demand.

Introducing the first comprehensive, affordably-priced insurance that covers Malicious Acts, Active Assailants and Terrorism. Take1 Combined Crisis Cover (CCC) offers up to $35 million annually for loss or liability in the event of, or even the threat of, malicious or terrorist acts that disrupt an event or insured location. Other programs fall short.

For example, under existing policies you may not be able to claim a Business Interruption (BI) loss if no physical property damage occurred. With Take1 CCC
you can file a claim even if the loss was caused by a threat.


No government determinations or thresholds to meet.

Take1 CCC does not require a Treasury Department determination of a terrorist act, unlike the widely available TRIPRA, which also has a difficult-to-achieve
$5 million minimum insurance loss threshold.
For professionals involved in the staging, hosting, promotion, or performing in a live event of any kind, including corporate, in a stadium or arena, theater,
indoor venue, outdoor festival location, concert hall, or cruise ship the threat of business loss caused by a terrorist or malicious act is very real.
Now there is an alternative way to recoup some financial loss caused by the malicious acts of Active Assailants or Terrorists at a reasonable cost and with

Today, more than ever, Take1 or take your chances..

Terrorism. Malicious Acts. Active Assailants. For today’s threats, we’ve got you covered.

Created by Take1 Insurance as a Coverholder of Lloyd’s, this innovative new program was designed especially for the Live Entertainment and Sports industries.
It can also apply to many other industries and business types. Simply call us for consideration. 

• Event Planners/Producers/Promoters
• Event ServiceFirms (Equipment Rental, Audio/Visual Production and Installation)
• Film/Television/DICE Production (Documentary, Industrial, Commercial and Educational) 
• Touring Entertainers
• Fairs and Festivals
• Special Events
• Venues/Stadiums
• Motorsports
• Theater/Staging
• Gaming/Casinos
• Shell Corporations 

Take1 Combined Crisis Cover includes coverage for the acts of violence or threats
of violence you are most likely to face:

•  Active Assailant property damage, business interruption and bodily injury
•  Terrorism property damage and business interruption
•  Threat(s) of Malicious Acts
•  Liability resulting from an Active Assailant or Terrorism incident


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