Equipment rental insurance: we'll gear up the best coverage available.

Live Entertainment coverage.

If you rent equipment to the live entertainment and live event industries,
protecting your investment in gear should be your biggest concern.

Take1, leaders in entertainment insurance, are specialty underwriters who understand the intricacies of rental house insurance, and how to put together equipment rental insurance programs that will protect your gear and your business.

Because inland marine is contract between renter and rentee, we spend a lot of time discussing where obvious and hidden risks might be. In a poorly written contract, impressive liability limits are irrelevant. Only a well-written contract will provide all the protection you're paying for.

The core of our solution is a comprehensive inland marine solution that offers:

• Worldwide protection
• Replacement cost coverage
• Accurate valuation based on real-world understanding
• Stacking of limits
• No co-insurance.

We can also provide all-lines coverage that includes workers compensation, umbrella and auto. We are focused on safety and are thought leaders on safety in the live entertainment industry.

If you're looking for rental house insurance, insist on specialty underwriters for insurance companies that understand the unique nature and value of your gear. If a loss happens, you want somebody who really understands equipment damage and obsolescence. When it comes to equipment rental insurance, talk to Take1 or take your chances.


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