Event production insurance: we'll build a rock solid solution for you.

Live Entertainment coverage.

People in event production and rental & staging can transform a room, a theater,
a stadium or an empty field into an amazing live event.

They have an amazing body of knowledge about what height the stage needs to be for the video and sound systems to be seen and heard throughout the room, how to create proper sight lines and lighting that works from every vantage point.

Take1, leader in entertainment insurance, also has an unparalleled body of knowledge in event production insurance. From design through build, we know where the exposures are and we can put together coverage solutions as sophisticated as your designs.

We can protect designers from professional liability exposure, when you pull of the look of a show in unique and risky places. In fact, we are committed to all safety protocols and can help you make sure your employees, your event planner and your subcontractors are safe and have the right coverage.

Our expertise in event production insurance includes a complete understanding of the vulnerabilities of some of the most unique equipment in the industry, from 5,000 square foot video walls to sound systems that must be hung where there are no points to hang them.

We know that at an event like an auto show, a lot more subcontractors are involved which leads to higher workers compensation exposure.

If you're looking for event production insurance, talk to the specialty underwriters who understand your business as well as you, and can approve a policy from insurance companies who understand it as deeply. Before you start your next project, call Take1 — or take your chances.


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