Unexpected and violent weather. Transportation mixups. Fire and theft. Earthquakes, tsunamis, falling space debris.

Live Entertainment coverage.

The possibilities are as vast as the creative imagination.
And as mundane as a drunk spilling a beer on a mixing board.

There are so many things that can go wrong in the logistics of entertainment. All of them can put your enterprise in jeopardy.

That’s why you must ask yourself every day: Am I covered? Is my coverage year round? Is my equipment covered over 100% of the planet?

If you’re not 100% sure, talk to Take1. We’re the most comprehensive and cost-effective all-lines insurance program for the live and non-live entertainment industry.
And we’re 100% sure we have the coverage you need.

Are you an event services firm — a rental house, rental and staging firm, event planner or other business dedicated to
making a live event happen? From concerts and shows to political speeches and corporate events, if it’s live, we have
products that cover it.

Or are you a production company that creates content for television, motion pictures or DVDs, including DICE (Documentary, Industrials, Commercials and Educational) programming? If you are, we have products for you, too.

Take1 is a divisional name and is part of the U.S. Risk Insurance Group, Inc.
Take1 is a Managing General Agent for a leading domestic and A-rated property and casualty insurance company that has many years of experience providing insurance to all segments of the entertainment industry. Take 1 also represents other leading domestic and highly rated property and casualty companies with decades of experience in the entertainment industry.

We have authority to quote and bind the following types of insurance coverage:

• Auto
• Crime
• General Liability
• Inland Marine
• International
• Property
• Umbrella
• Workers’ Compensation

We can also offer entertainment production packages with extended coverage for props, sets and wardrobe; negative and faulty stock, third-party property damage, and so on.

Entertainment is always a gamble. There are so many things beyond your control. But with the right coverage, you can contain risk.

We now offer coverage for Terrorism, Threat of Malicious Acts and Active Assailants (beyond active shooter).

So Take1. Or take your chances.


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