Specialty underwriters: gatekeeper for the best insurance companies in entertainment.

Live Entertainment coverage.

With vast experience in live event and live entertainment insurance, Take1 manages the underwriting authority granted by the insurance company on their behalf.

That means that Take1 is the decision-maker, whether would-be Insureds become the customer of that particular insurance company.

Access to these insurance companies is extremely limited. They won't deal with basic insurance agents, but only with people who know the business. Agents who know, know Take1. Take1 is the Broker that educates insurance Agents in this field.

For the Agent: As Specialty Underwriters, we partner with Agents who represent the Insured, to offer them the proper protection. For them, we make sure that the insurance companies we deal with have claims departments that are dedicated 100% to the entertainment industry, the industry that we represent and know so well.

For the Insured: We are Specialty Underwriters who offer specialized insurance solutions in the industry we know in depth. Our goal is to protect agents with live entertainment insurance experience and their clients from improperly written contracts and underinsuring. To provide properly constructed contracts, we know what questions to ask, and we know answers to questions that others don't even know to ask.

For Both: Take1 has been entrusted by the best insurance companies in entertainment to commit your liability on behalf of that company.
If you're involved in the world of entertainment, before you take chances with the future of your enterprise, talk to the Specialty Underwriters
of Take1 first


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